Thursday, July 17, 2008

Part 3 is almost up...


You must be asking right now: WHERE IS THE DAMN FUCKING PART 3 ALREADY?

Well sorry about that, I got stuck at work recently and I didn't have enough time to write the finale yet. The idea is that the ending is suppose to be connected to the 1st part but with a twist; I already have some drafts saved but I wanted part 3 to be 'explosive' with sex   and violence   all blazing! Yeah, we like that don't we?

As you already know the story about CSM is based on actual events that has transpired in my life; Although I write it as if the story transpires in day to day basis, its actually a series of events spanning days or even months on real life. So far I got the violence part written (and experienced) so that would prolly satisfy  you're craving but I'm missing the sex part. I didn't want it to be casual like -- duh! That was a pretty boring narration of banging. It has to be wild as the violence part I have already drafted.

So to cut my stupid excuse short, yeah IT will be up after next week since tonight I'll be out with some really wild babes and I will get my inspiration for the missing sex element and complete the finale!

Here is the event if you're wondering:


July 17, 2008 @ Hall A World Trade Center Manila

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