Friday, January 25, 2008

We are watching you

Previously: The Insider

11:19 PM, Twin Tower Communication Building

I'm trying to get more rest as much as possible, I have received a notice 3 days ago that I must relocate. No details were given but its highly suspicious enough... Was my cover compromised? It can't be. Ive always been careful, erased logs and used relays then nuked them on a slight chance there is a trace being done. I have to know what went wrong and who is after us.

(flash back)

Jan 14th. I after uploading the codes i took a short sleep on the make shift bed then around 2PM my phone's alarm dutifully did its work to wake me up. I actually set 3 alarms at 30 minute intervals to sure i wake up.

I went back to my console and logged into a slaved VPN machine, hopped into one of the host in the network then bypassed the firewall to make another outgoing connection and then hopped into another slave, then another and another. Three relays should be enough to give me time to disconnect and nuke the VPN host since doing a trace within corporate networks is far slower than on public proxies... Just in case. I waited for another 30 minutes then a message appeared on the terminal console. The meeting is about to commence. We always did it this way, forget IMs as they are far too easy to compromise. Each of the attendees have their own slave network to hide their location. Even if were working for the same boss it doesn't mean we should trust each other. The host we are having the meeting is a compromised machine, it will be nuked after the event.

Depending on the date of the next meeting there is a simple formula where the date of the meeting is plug into then spits out sets og IP address. We then need to compromise that machine a day before the meeting. The first to compromise the machine will then need to set up the back door with predefined access which is calculated by the same formula.

Usual agenda was discussed; each of us must report how much of "The project" has been completed. Each has its own alloted industry and region to subvert: communication, navigation/transportation, finance, aviation, power and defense. It is imperative that we totally control each industry's infrastructure if we are to combat what lies ahead for humanity.

It only took 30 minutes to finish the meeting, it could have been done sooner if the 3 other members weren't unruly -- which makes me think if they are even old enough to on this project; well maybe not since most of the brightest in this Art are barely 15.

Then our moderator declares that the meeting has ended and all connection was terminated. The host machine was nuked.

Jan 15th. I did my usual day job. Went to some meetings, did some project planning, did some designs, proposed new products. The idea is to have a cover identity but nothing too flashy that would provoke inquiries.

Jan 19th. I received a spam email. This would be the first since ads on Viagra and any other drugs for erectile dysfunction should be filtered by the corporate mail server. I checked the raw data to see how this junk passed through the spam filter then make another spam rule to filter it out indefinitely. Sometimes; i thought i would gladly subscribe to spam mailers if their emails actually contains the product of my interest; but no, they just send it. I was about to delete the mail when something caught my eyes in the raw data. A company SOS code with link after it. Someone in the group is in trouble.

After the usual precaution has been set to mask my IP and digital signatures i opened the link. It starts to load a movie of an Apple IPhone parody. Then in the middle it stopped an a voice called out my company codename. I instantly knew who it was, a friend who i have inducted into "the company". Were the only two people on the group that actually knew each other. Its a risk i have taken because I know i can trust him with my life. I then asked what's the problem, he replied that someone is watching us within the company.

We found it troublesome since "the company" in under any circumstance will not contact us until "The Day" has arrived. Then he quickly said he has to bail. He thinks someone has tracked the communication. I quickly unplugged the router; no time to shutdown the computer, the connection must be severed as fast as possible.

I thought to myself, what the fuck was that all about? I'm thinking i should call him but if what he says is true, the standard procedure was isolation. I you want to help someone in the heat, don't jump in or else you'll find yourself in the fire as well.

Jan 23rd. I had another meeting with the others. My friend was there also and he seems fine. I couldn't ask him what happened that day since if what he says is true, one of us might be the culprit. Before the meeting ended, my friend sent a private message. "G1917". Then the host was nuked before I could reply.

G1917 ??? I thought hard what it meant and run the letters through a couple of anagram analyzers and after half an hour it deduced: Gen 1917... Genesis 19:17... "And as they brought them out, one said, Escape for your life. Do not look back or stop anywhere in the valley. Escape to the hills, lest you be swept away."

Time to pack and run, but it has to be discreet so not to rouse too much question. Next week I'll be on another place far away from here.

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