Friday, January 25, 2008

We are watching you

Previously: The Insider

11:19 PM, Twin Tower Communication Building

I'm trying to get more rest as much as possible, I have received a notice 3 days ago that I must relocate. No details were given but its highly suspicious enough... Was my cover compromised? It can't be. Ive always been careful, erased logs and used relays then nuked them on a slight chance there is a trace being done. I have to know what went wrong and who is after us.

(flash back)

Jan 14th. I after uploading the codes i took a short sleep on the make shift bed then around 2PM my phone's alarm dutifully did its work to wake me up. I actually set 3 alarms at 30 minute intervals to sure i wake up.

I went back to my console and logged into a slaved VPN machine, hopped into one of the host in the network then bypassed the firewall to make another outgoing connection and then hopped into another slave, then another and another. Three relays should be enough to give me time to disconnect and nuke the VPN host since doing a trace within corporate networks is far slower than on public proxies... Just in case. I waited for another 30 minutes then a message appeared on the terminal console. The meeting is about to commence. We always did it this way, forget IMs as they are far too easy to compromise. Each of the attendees have their own slave network to hide their location. Even if were working for the same boss it doesn't mean we should trust each other. The host we are having the meeting is a compromised machine, it will be nuked after the event.

Depending on the date of the next meeting there is a simple formula where the date of the meeting is plug into then spits out sets og IP address. We then need to compromise that machine a day before the meeting. The first to compromise the machine will then need to set up the back door with predefined access which is calculated by the same formula.

Usual agenda was discussed; each of us must report how much of "The project" has been completed. Each has its own alloted industry and region to subvert: communication, navigation/transportation, finance, aviation, power and defense. It is imperative that we totally control each industry's infrastructure if we are to combat what lies ahead for humanity.

It only took 30 minutes to finish the meeting, it could have been done sooner if the 3 other members weren't unruly -- which makes me think if they are even old enough to on this project; well maybe not since most of the brightest in this Art are barely 15.

Then our moderator declares that the meeting has ended and all connection was terminated. The host machine was nuked.

Jan 15th. I did my usual day job. Went to some meetings, did some project planning, did some designs, proposed new products. The idea is to have a cover identity but nothing too flashy that would provoke inquiries.

Jan 19th. I received a spam email. This would be the first since ads on Viagra and any other drugs for erectile dysfunction should be filtered by the corporate mail server. I checked the raw data to see how this junk passed through the spam filter then make another spam rule to filter it out indefinitely. Sometimes; i thought i would gladly subscribe to spam mailers if their emails actually contains the product of my interest; but no, they just send it. I was about to delete the mail when something caught my eyes in the raw data. A company SOS code with link after it. Someone in the group is in trouble.

After the usual precaution has been set to mask my IP and digital signatures i opened the link. It starts to load a movie of an Apple IPhone parody. Then in the middle it stopped an a voice called out my company codename. I instantly knew who it was, a friend who i have inducted into "the company". Were the only two people on the group that actually knew each other. Its a risk i have taken because I know i can trust him with my life. I then asked what's the problem, he replied that someone is watching us within the company.

We found it troublesome since "the company" in under any circumstance will not contact us until "The Day" has arrived. Then he quickly said he has to bail. He thinks someone has tracked the communication. I quickly unplugged the router; no time to shutdown the computer, the connection must be severed as fast as possible.

I thought to myself, what the fuck was that all about? I'm thinking i should call him but if what he says is true, the standard procedure was isolation. I you want to help someone in the heat, don't jump in or else you'll find yourself in the fire as well.

Jan 23rd. I had another meeting with the others. My friend was there also and he seems fine. I couldn't ask him what happened that day since if what he says is true, one of us might be the culprit. Before the meeting ended, my friend sent a private message. "G1917". Then the host was nuked before I could reply.

G1917 ??? I thought hard what it meant and run the letters through a couple of anagram analyzers and after half an hour it deduced: Gen 1917... Genesis 19:17... "And as they brought them out, one said, Escape for your life. Do not look back or stop anywhere in the valley. Escape to the hills, lest you be swept away."

Time to pack and run, but it has to be discreet so not to rouse too much question. Next week I'll be on another place far away from here.

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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

High-tech Job

TechBiz Philippines Inc (Banking) is looking for:

  • Two (2) MS C#.Net Developer
    • 2 Years work experience as developer (any).
      • Experience with Flex has advantage
    • Fresh graduates may apply with recommendation from college dean or instructor.
    • Willing to work at Angeles, Clark, Pampanga
    • Full-time / Permanent
    • P50,000 / mo basic salary (negotiable)
    • Has opportunity to travel abroad.
    • Flexible time
    • All interested applicants must submit a one (1) page CV to
  • One (1) Technical Writer
    • 1 Year work experience
    • or has a technical blog
    • must be familiar with MS technology / .Net
    • Full-time / Parmanent or Freelance
    • P30,000 / mo basic salary (negotiable)
    • All interested applicants must submit a one (1) page CV to
    • If you have blog please indicate the URL

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Non-technical Hacking

P4wnd!!! X_X

Friday, January 18, 2008


The following was taken from, a user comment spilled the entire story and was "dugged" down. I made some corrections as well on the mix-up between Lily and Marlena on the original post.

The movie opens by telling us that the following footage was recovered from the site formerly known as Central Park.

Rob's (Michael Stahl-David) friends are having a going away party for him. Beth (Odette Yustman) Rob's love shows up to the party with a guy friend, she leaves to go back to her apartment early. The party is still rockin', then chaos as the lights go out. Everyone goes up to the roof to see what happened. Classic rooftop scene from the trailer (huge fire ball and monster movement in the distance taking down a skyscraper).

Everyone decides to leave the city (Manhattan) so they go on the bridge, (its Rob, his brother Jason, his brothers fiance Lily, Hud the cameraman, and Marlena, Hud's interest.) They make it to the middle of the bridge. More roaring and pounding happen. As Jason climbs on the side of the bridge up on the supports to see what's going on, a HUGE tail smashes the bridge and Jason with it.

The group finds their way off the bridge and into some tunnels. They figure they will go to Beth's apartment (she called Rob earlier while they were on the bridge - asking for help). Through the tunnels that are now shut down and after some walking and funny commentary by Hud they hear some odd noises. The nightvision on the camera comes on and mini monsters are on the ceiling of the tunnel. They run the way they came only to have Marlena get bitten, but she survives.

They now find their way into what looks like a department store taken over by military planning and triage centers. Rob is constantly telling the army personnel that he is going to go to his friend Beth's apartment. Hud pans to several of the wounded and dead, then hears Marlena say something to the effect of she doesn't feel too good. Her eyes are bleeding and this alarms a few people in biohazard suits and they immediately start screaming BITE BITE and take her behind a curtain where you can see their silhouette. She doubles over and then explodes literally with blood splattering the curtain. The military guy takes Rob, Lily, and Hud, down a back room to a door telling them if they want to find their friend they have till about 0600 hours until Operation Hammerdown commences (Leveling the city).

They are now back on the street and find the apartment buildings in the distance. The building to the right is literally LEANING on the building to the left. Sucky for them, Beth lives in the half fallen over building. They decide to walk the stairs 50+ floors in the left building where they find an opening to the leaning building. They find Beth and she is impaled in her upper left shoulder by a piece of metal. They lift her up off the spike and make their way back to the building they came in. Mini monster attack but no injuries or deaths.

They now make their way to the base where the military guy in the department store told them to meet helicopters and to leave before the Operation Hammerdown starts. Lily gets in the helicopter but there is not enough room for Hud, Rob, or Beth, so they get in another helicopter. Lily's takes off and the rest lift off and start flying away. They see the monster causing havoc down below, and then a stealth bomber way above them drop a series of bombs which directly hits the monster. They can't see anything because of the smoke. Hud says they got the monster and just as he is celebrating, the monster quickly rises up and takes out their helicopter.

Waking up now in the daylight morning time (everything else was night), hurt but still alive are the three survivors of the crash. They crawl out of the wreckage, shocked to be alive and inspect their injuries. Hud looks for the camera and finds it and as he does, Beth and Rob are scared to death and staring right behind Hud. Hud turns around and is now under the HUGE monster, who gives a roar and eats Hud, who drops the camera. Rob picks up the camera, runs with Beth through Central Park and under a bridge then turns the camera on himself and says his goodbyes to anyone that will find it.

It's now 6:42am and Rob turns the camera on Beth. She doesn't know what to say. A couple bombs come and level the bridge, and the camera is now under rubble so you can't see either person. You can just hear them. Rob tells Beth he loves her...she says she loves him.

Immediately after she says it more bombs explode on them and we are left to assume that they killed them.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Whoa! I been trying to hike up the page rank of this blog then i found out there is another blog with the same title as well as an actual episode of X-Files with the same title.

Here is my favorite quote from CSM of X-Files Season 4, Episode 07 (4X07):

"Life... is like a box of chocolates. A cheap, thoughtless, perfunctory gift that nobody ever asks for. Unreturnable, because all you get back is another box of chocolates. You're stuck with this undefinable whipped-mint crap that you mindlessly wolf down when there's nothing else left to eat. Sure, once in a while, there's a peanut butter cup, or an English toffee. But they're gone too fast, the taste is fleeting. So you end up with nothing but broken bits, filled with hardened jelly and teeth-crunching nuts, and if you're desperate enough to eat those, all you've got left is a... is an empty box... filled with useless, brown paper wrappers."

The Master Plan

Rule #1: Trust no one.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Insider

2:48 AM, Twin Tower Communications Building

The twin tower stands still in the middle of darkness, from the window on my office at the 6th floor i stood watching passersby on the streets below. “Freaking call center agents on their way home… what a waste of talents”, i was murmuring in my mind as i blow a the smoke out off my lungs out into the open window. Its my 10th cigarette for the night, I smoke almost 2 packs a day and I always blame it to work — I have to smoke in order to be always on top of what I am doing. If only we have more bright minds working on this project it would have been done months ago but good talents are hard to find in this country nowadays; all of them were lured into the promise of easy money working as call agents.

I’m waiting for the computer to finish the uploading the last batch of code for the project I am working on, a part of a mobile communications platform. It’s a very high-tech stuff and it’s what I’m good at; working with bleeding edge technology so far ahead of its time to the point it would probably blew ordinary people’s mind to think such technology already exist in our time.

The client is a rich foreign company and the project would be part of its system’s back-bone, a very important one. Communications. banking and even the military will rely on it for the years to come. Its also precisely why i chose to be part of the project.

The computer beeped twice signaling that the upload is complete, i cant help but show a slight smirk on my face. Unknown to the clients, 5 more of their servers has been added to my list of drones; the code that was uploaded contains special hydra virus that is nearly impossible to detect. These types of armored viruses are fairly new, they are “living” computer virus in simplest terms, it learns then evolve. It hides itself into the hardware memory buffers — thanks to the undisclosed vulnerabilities present in 90% of the routers and switches that forms the backbone of the entire world wide web. It’s inevitable since those vulnerabilities were place there for that purpose, a effort made by people that came much earlier before me. They are the people that were placed strategically by “the company”, an insider they are often term. However for us who work with the company they are called the Arche — Greek word for origin.

“Four years more”, I whispered softly. There’s still plenty of time to prepare, but first i need some shut-eye for later today i will still need to contact the others.

I manage to build a make-shift bed by joining some of the office chairs side-by-side, this will do for now for I need all the rest i can have before the dawn breaks. This is the part the make my work sucks, just like a call agent that works during the night; I have not felt the warmth of the Sun for a long time. Finally as I lay down on my make-shift bed and feeling the hard edges poking my spines i thought… Hell, this work sucks more than being a call agent after all!

That didn’t really matter, the project I’m in now is crucial to “the plan”. A plan that was initiated 35 years ago. A plan that our generation of Arches must fulfill; A plan where the fate of humanity will depend on for survival… four years from now.

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