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The following was taken from, a user comment spilled the entire story and was "dugged" down. I made some corrections as well on the mix-up between Lily and Marlena on the original post.

The movie opens by telling us that the following footage was recovered from the site formerly known as Central Park.

Rob's (Michael Stahl-David) friends are having a going away party for him. Beth (Odette Yustman) Rob's love shows up to the party with a guy friend, she leaves to go back to her apartment early. The party is still rockin', then chaos as the lights go out. Everyone goes up to the roof to see what happened. Classic rooftop scene from the trailer (huge fire ball and monster movement in the distance taking down a skyscraper).

Everyone decides to leave the city (Manhattan) so they go on the bridge, (its Rob, his brother Jason, his brothers fiance Lily, Hud the cameraman, and Marlena, Hud's interest.) They make it to the middle of the bridge. More roaring and pounding happen. As Jason climbs on the side of the bridge up on the supports to see what's going on, a HUGE tail smashes the bridge and Jason with it.

The group finds their way off the bridge and into some tunnels. They figure they will go to Beth's apartment (she called Rob earlier while they were on the bridge - asking for help). Through the tunnels that are now shut down and after some walking and funny commentary by Hud they hear some odd noises. The nightvision on the camera comes on and mini monsters are on the ceiling of the tunnel. They run the way they came only to have Marlena get bitten, but she survives.

They now find their way into what looks like a department store taken over by military planning and triage centers. Rob is constantly telling the army personnel that he is going to go to his friend Beth's apartment. Hud pans to several of the wounded and dead, then hears Marlena say something to the effect of she doesn't feel too good. Her eyes are bleeding and this alarms a few people in biohazard suits and they immediately start screaming BITE BITE and take her behind a curtain where you can see their silhouette. She doubles over and then explodes literally with blood splattering the curtain. The military guy takes Rob, Lily, and Hud, down a back room to a door telling them if they want to find their friend they have till about 0600 hours until Operation Hammerdown commences (Leveling the city).

They are now back on the street and find the apartment buildings in the distance. The building to the right is literally LEANING on the building to the left. Sucky for them, Beth lives in the half fallen over building. They decide to walk the stairs 50+ floors in the left building where they find an opening to the leaning building. They find Beth and she is impaled in her upper left shoulder by a piece of metal. They lift her up off the spike and make their way back to the building they came in. Mini monster attack but no injuries or deaths.

They now make their way to the base where the military guy in the department store told them to meet helicopters and to leave before the Operation Hammerdown starts. Lily gets in the helicopter but there is not enough room for Hud, Rob, or Beth, so they get in another helicopter. Lily's takes off and the rest lift off and start flying away. They see the monster causing havoc down below, and then a stealth bomber way above them drop a series of bombs which directly hits the monster. They can't see anything because of the smoke. Hud says they got the monster and just as he is celebrating, the monster quickly rises up and takes out their helicopter.

Waking up now in the daylight morning time (everything else was night), hurt but still alive are the three survivors of the crash. They crawl out of the wreckage, shocked to be alive and inspect their injuries. Hud looks for the camera and finds it and as he does, Beth and Rob are scared to death and staring right behind Hud. Hud turns around and is now under the HUGE monster, who gives a roar and eats Hud, who drops the camera. Rob picks up the camera, runs with Beth through Central Park and under a bridge then turns the camera on himself and says his goodbyes to anyone that will find it.

It's now 6:42am and Rob turns the camera on Beth. She doesn't know what to say. A couple bombs come and level the bridge, and the camera is now under rubble so you can't see either person. You can just hear them. Rob tells Beth he loves her...she says she loves him.

Immediately after she says it more bombs explode on them and we are left to assume that they killed them.

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